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 #so basically if you’re in your 5th or 7th year you’re screwed because you’re not going to get your OWLs or NEWTs LOL #but that’s okay I mean you’ll only be stuck with no qualifications for life #at least you’ll be happy for now seeing as you can start the rest of your life today - #and by rest of your life I mean the boring tedium that WILL be your life #working in a shop #living in a squalid flat #because you never got your NEWTs #because you couldn’t sit for them #because I cancelled them LOL #Dumbledore out bitches #ruining lives since 1881  

#the OWLs and the NEWTs were under the ministry of magic and they happen earlier in the year #they have nothing to do with the school’s exams #they’re like the SATs or the AP tests #if your school decided to cancel your final exams for some reason THE SATS WOULD STILL HAPPEN (via coffeeandcheesecake)

We take Harry Potter very seriously here

We need to talk about Kevin

I’m reading WNTTAK and am about 2/3 of the way through.

It’s a really good epistolary novel, very cleverly narrated. It’s about a mother, Eva, telling the story of raising her son who was a perpetrator of a ‘columbine school shooting’.

Even though my worldview is completely opposed to this thinking I almost started to get lured into the mother’s narrative of her son being born evil. Then there is this scene when she visits him in prison and she tells him that she kept these posters of map on the wall that he had ruined with ink in order to remind herself that she wasn’t imagining Kevin’s hatred. Then he looks at a scar on his arm from when she broke it and says “I know what you mean”.

From then on you can’t stop thinking of how he must see his mother. If she see him as scheming, phoney and out to get her,he must see her in a very similar way and in his case he’s actually correct.

The whole time I’m reading it I keep thinking “why did she have this child”: she doesn’t like children, she didn’t want to be a mother and she is incredible selfish. The husband, Franklin, was pressuring her because he wanted Kids so you kind of understand why she did.

Despite my condemnation of Eva I’m more judgemental of Franklin. There’s this brilliant Episode of ‘House’ where a woman drowns her baby b/c she had developed some illness which made her hear voices which told her to kill her child: the husband is playing innocent and House says to him ‘people don’t get sick enough to drown their baby without someone first noticing that they’re sick enough to want to drown their baby’(sic). When I think of Franklin i think of that quote.

There has just been this scene where Eva says she want another child and Franklin refuses to participate citing the fact she resents her current child Kevin, views him with suspicion and is cold towards him. This left me aghast; so Franklin had noticed she was a terrible mother, that there was an unhealthy relationship between them and she was miserable raising him. 

Why wasn’t Franklin raising the child; Despite the fact he was the one who wanted the child, he’s the one who has a connection with the child Franklin still clings to the stupid patriarchal idea that the women should stay at home and raise the child and parochial ideals of Suburban life with white picket fences. He still clung to these even though he noticed how detrimental it was to both his son and wife, they were in a  relationship almost tantamount to abuse and still he wouldn’t take over the role of primary care giver; Eva even earned more than Franklin in her work capacity so there was no fiscal reason for him to work over her. Maybe if she wasn’t around her son all the time she wouldn’t feel trapped and might actually warm to him and if not at least she’s away from him.